2 months post-op
2 days ago I had my 2 months post-op appointment with Dr. Millis.
The most exciting thing is that he let me switch to one crutch!
Having a free hand when walking is amazing. I can carry so many things now :) For example, I can carry my coffee, my laptop, books, food - and all of that without having to use sophisticated underarm crutch-moving techniques. Oh the joys of simple things in life!

Dr. Millis also suggested that in a couple of weeks I could try walking without crutches and see how it goes. I was also cleared for PT and my first appointment is in 2 weeks. I am soooo looking forward to this! I can't wait to be able to move, develop my muscle and hopefully lose weight.

At home, I am still sleeping in the recliner which really really sucks - I now go to sleep in bed for 1/2 of the night just because I want to feel like a normal person, but it feels uncomfortable, so usually I wake up and go back to recliner. I feel like it's getting there though!

I am allowed to walk in the pool which I did a couple times so far. My pool is still not open (there was a leak, they were fixing it, I needed a new pump - joys of homeownership). But the public pool is open so I do that.

I can sleep on any side relatively fine - haven't tried the belly yet, the hardest part is to move from side to side.

Off pain pills but keep them handy just in case. Have relatively no pain but the hip reacts to weather, and the few recent rainy days resulted in real pain in the butt (literally).

Handicapped parking is a blessing.

Once I know for sure that I won't need the pain pills, I'll get back to Isagenix which again I am excited about, and in general, little by little I'm starting to fall back to my life routine.

I'll post here with anything new, and thanks for reading and following!

1 month post-op
Last week was my 1 month post-op appointment with Dr. Millis. It was a brief appointment and I have to come back in a month.
The doctors said I am healing well, and I should continue with the exercises that I'm doing (I can do them by myself now), and I'm now also allowed to walk in the pool without crutches.
My pool is not open yet, so I think I'm going to head over to the public pool at some point, when I have the time.

Driving: I started driving at about 3 weeks post-op, maybe even a little earlier - it doesn't bother me at all - sitting down is not as bad as changing positions, and since the op was on my left side, there is no pain when I'm driving. The biggest disappointment is that RMV still haven't sent me my handicap placard, which means in some cases I have to park far and crutch across the parking lot, in other cases I do take the handicapped spot and I feel like I have the right to, since it's RMV's fault for being so slow. I think I might have to pay them a visit, which is annoying to even think of. Ugh!

Working: I officially started working part-time at 2 weeks post-op, although I did stay on top of my inbox and even did a few things here and there at 1.5 weeks (from home). I went to full-time in the office at 3.5 weeks. It's going pretty well, apart from the fact that crutches are frustrating, I hate not being able to carry my stuff around and I get really exhausted at the end of the day and look forward to going in my recliner and putting my legs straight.

Pills: I am taking 1/2 of pain pills overnight, with 2 Tylenol, a chewable aspirin, multivitamin, calcium and vitamin D. Last night I passed out and didn't take my pain pill, as a result I woke up about 5 times during the night from pain and it wasn't fun. Pain wasn't that bad, I just couldn't find a comfortable position.

Sleeping: I still sleep in a recliner and it just feels blah, but more comfortable than in bed. Dr. Millis said I can start taking pillows out from under my leg, so I am going to try that soon. It is painful, but feels good to stretch.

Overall I move around fine, but I am really hoping that I would be able to drop a crutch at my next appointment in 4 weeks. I don't want to spend all summer on crutches (although it is better than crutching through the winter, especially one as bad as our last winter was).

Shower and dressing: I shower on a shower bench, and need help getting in and out of it. It is a bit of a challenge, but nothing compared to using 3 and 1 commode! I am definitely glad I bought that bench. I can get dressed by myself, although it takes a while.

I really can't wait to go back to working out and doing a cleanse, and taking a bath or a normal shower, and wearing pants! I feel like everything in my life is so slow now because it takes me forever to do even the simplest things (like walking).

Overall I feel pretty optimistic and positive about the future and the outcome of the surgery though, it definitely is easier second time around and knowing what to expect!

Right now
I'm at my 1 month post-op - anxious to hear how everything is going!

Today I am at 11 days post-op. I needed to change in the morning and tried to call my mom but she was vacuuming to no avail (those of you who know my mom know it is quite a possibility).

So I went, armed with nothing but my grabber tool, and changed all by myself, and was able to do everything except for my left sock :)

Yay me!

One week post-op
Yesterday has been exactly one week since my surgery, so I thought I would provide a quick update.
I can't believe that with my RPAO, today would have been just my first day home. This recovery is much easier!

I can walk on crutches and pretty much can get out of bed if needed all by myself (even the op leg).

I can sit at the table, I've been doing work little by little, although I can't sit for too long, maybe about 30-40 minutes at a time, then it starts hurting.

I can shower - a big difference is that this time I bought a shower bench instead of just using the commode provided by the hospital (I use the commode for the other stuff it's intended for :)) - the bench made showering a breeze, for those who can afford it, I would definitely recommend, it was just about $45 from Amazon. Well worth it.

I sleep in the living room in the recliner. I found it painful so far to sleep in bed. So I am in a recliner chair, with two pillows under my op leg. It's pretty comfortable and once I figured out what the right medication regime should be, I am sleeping through the night without much trouble.

I have OK appetite, and the bloating/swelling seems to have gone down, although not all the way.

I'm wearing mostly comfy yoga pants, regular underwear - nothing bothers my incision.

I use Dr. Millis' cough pillow as my comfy pillow I think :) It's always by my side or on my hip, even when I'm not coughing.

If I need to carry something like my laptop or books, I just put it in a string bag and carry it on my neck. It's pretty funny looking, but does the trick. The only thing I can't do for myself is coffee or tea. My mom helps with that, and she tries to help with anything else as well - like, every time I get up to get my phone or a piece of paper, she says "I could have brought it for you". But I really want to move and not be a handicapped couch potato.

Speaking of handicapped, I still haven't received my handicapped placard. I have to call RMV and find out where it's at. I really want to have it by the time I return back to work/driving.

Reflecting on my hospital stay, this time was much better than last time. Firstly, I knew some tricks like bringing my own blanket, lip balm, water bottle, and I was better prepared overall. I also had wonderful nurses this time - last time everyone was great as well, but there were a few mishaps/hiccups that I didn't come across this time around. Thank you to my nurses and CAs Erin, Holly, Colleen, Jill, Molly, Margalie, Chris, and another CA whose name I don't remember but who helped me with my first shower - you were all amazing!

At home, shower bench and knowing to sleep in the recliner was definitely an improvement, and honestly I think I am so excited overall with nerve block vs epidural difference in recovery, that it all so far seems like a breeze - physically, that is.

Emotionally, of course I would like to be able to walk normally and work out and not be so dependent on others, and feel like I'm a full-blown member of the society. I can't wait to go back to work! Maybe I'll be able to do it sooner this time around, it all depends on my pain level and meds.

But so far so good, and I'll keep posting updates here if there are any!


Day 3, 4 and 5 post-op
The truth is, I haven't been writing much because I've been very sleepy all the time. It's still hard to hold focus and I get tired from pretty much whatever I do very quickly. The pain management had been good and most of the time I feel no pain when I'm laying down, and have pulling pain when I'm walking or moving around, and depending on when I had taken my medication it is either barely noticeable, or strong, but still tolerable.

Day 3 post-op was very busy. I did PT in the morning and was walking on crutches and also walked up and down the stairs on crutches. PT said I was moving very well!
Also in the morning my mom and my friend came to visit and PT walked with my mom on all the things I need help with when I'm home (like walking behind me when I'm going up and down stairs, etc.).

It was great to have company, but it did make me tired so again I slept for the most part of the day.
Dr. Millis, his assistant and all the nurses and PT said that my recovery went well and I was ready to go home!

The last night at the hospital was a little more difficult because I tried to take smaller doses of medicine and ended up waking up. I don't feel like i wake up from pain though, it felt like I just needed to go to the bathroom, and when I came back from the bathroom it was hard to find the position I was comfortable in.

The next morning, after I had breakfast, all the papers were ready and Eddie came to pick me up and go home!

My first day and a half at home so far were hazy and weird.
In some ways, it's good to be home. In other ways, I feel like I'm a bother to everyone. Angel is less understanding than she was when she was 6 and I had my RPAO - now my immobility seems like is a way for her to break the rules and I can't really chase her.

I know it's all temporary but the emotional part is more difficult than the physical part - I'm glad the physical part is going so well, I just need to catch up with the emotional side of things.

I think now that I'm caught up with being at home, I'll write more!

Day 2 post-op (continued)
Recharged the phone :)

So after my nap PT came again. We went on parallel bars back and forth, then back and forth on crutches. PT let me keep the crutches in my room but said not to try walking without help. So I've been crunching to the bathroom myself (with nurses obsetving) from that point on.

I got two nice surprises today. My coworkers sent me nice flowers. They were so beautiful and made my day!

And also Der Hayr from church came with a visit. It was so great as I didn't expect visitors today. Made me feel loved and thought of :)

So overall it was a good day and I can't believe how big of a difference anesthesia makes!

On to tomorrow!

Day 2 post-op
Today was a busy day and my iPad is dying, but I'm going to try and type as much as I can!

In the morning the nurse turned my nerve block off, and gave me oral pain meds. I was dreading the switch, remembering how hard it was getting off of the epidural...
My stomach felt better when I woke up, but after I was given Miralax it started growling and bloating again, which was pretty unpleasant. It keeps doing that still :( I can't wait for it to stop. Drinking ginger ale now to see if it helps.

I had some breakfast, Dr. Millis came to check on me, and said that PT will come and get me out of bed today, and that I will be taking a shower. I thought it was so soon, didn't expect it at all!

I was changed in my clothes from home, and then PT came and had me walk in parallel bars. It hurt! But I was able to do it and move my leg by myself (something I couldn't do last time with RPAO on the first day out (of bed).

Then I came (was brought) back to my room and given a shower. It felt good! It was embarrassing to have a CA wash me, but I didn't have a choice. I just think about being able to do it myself soon!

After that I was so tired that I took a nap. I was allowed to skip lunch (yay - food is not my best friend these days), and had a good nap.

Funny moment: when the lab guy was drawing my blood, the guy came in to drop off wheelchair. He got so freaked out by the sight of blood I think, he dropped off the papers and left without waiting for ,e to sign them! So silly - he clearly didn't know what he was doing, but I got my rental wheelchair and commode.

I'm going to post it before the iPad dies, then continue from phone when I can!

Got it for breakfast! It's an adventure to get it out of the thing!

Day 1 post-op
Yesterday was Day 1 post-op.
It was very hazy - I was weak, couldn't hold the phone for longer than 5 minutes, and pretty much slept all the time. The nurse would come check on me, and I would pass out while she measures my blood pressure (which was low, like 90/60 most of the day).

During the day I had lots of people checking in on me. Dr. Millis came in the morning and took the drain out. Erin, his assistant, came as well! It was great to see her! At this poimt of ,y hip journey, Dr. Millis and Erin feel like family to me :)

Some woman came from the lab to do my blood tests, and randomly said hat I had very beautiful skin. That was nice to hear, granted, in my opinion, I look pretty crappy.

I was sleeping in between all of this and had very weird vivid dreams, that felt real. Like, I would close my eyes and then see people coming in and checking on me, but when I open my eyes they wouldn't be there. It continued through the day. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post only to open my eyes and discover that I didn't!

PT also came and did exercises, which were hard but tolerable. I have to move my ankles, squeeze mu bum, knees, and there are a couple things I need assistance for. PT did it for me the first time.

In the evening Eddie came and hung out with me for a couple hours, and did PT as well. I know I'm not the best company right now, so I really appreciated him being here!

All in all, the two things that bother me the most are my back and my stomach. They gave me laxatives yesterday, plus I had to eat some food (though I don't feel like eating at all), and my stomach have been growling and moving and just feeling blah.

Eddie brought ham from home (my mom gave me 3 pieces although I asked for one - I'll finish it today), an Easter egg, some candy and the entire Lindt chocolate bunny that was Angel's! I only wanted a piece of it. I know I won't eat the entire thing!

In the evening, Dr. Millis came and changed the dressing, and said that everything looked good. I'm looking forward to seeing my post-op x rays.

I got a pint of blood that I donated pre-op, and it made me feel much better! I was more alert in the evening and even turned on the TV and flipped between channels. Slept through the night OK as well.

This morning my catheter was taken out and nerve block was turned off, I am switched to oral meds and they make me soooo hazy!
Today I'm supposed to get out of bed, sit in the chair and take a shower. I'll write in the evening about it if I can! I don't think I'm getting any visitors today so might try watching a movie. We'll see!

Sorry for the typos, mostly it's autocorrect :(


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